Fortnightly. This may change slightly for special holidays like Christmas where we may move dates around to sneak in a special delivery day.

At this stage, we deliver to the greater metro areas of Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane (incl. Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast).

8am to 6pm although times can vary slightly.

Unfortunately we have no way of knowing what exact time your box will arrive within the allocated time frame.

Your cakes are packed carefully into a six compartment cake box which is then wrapped with a thermal bubble wrap and placed within a sturdy cardboard box for extra protection and shipping purposes. The vehicle delivering your box is chilled ensuring your cakes remain intact however they should NOT be left outside on a hot day as they WILL melt and there is no ice within the packaging.

Yes, it is a good idea to get your box into the fridge ASAP especially if it has been sitting on your doorstep for some time. If you don’t have access to a refrigerator make sure they are at least within an air-conditioned space until you can get them into a fridge. IMPORTANT: Do not leave your box to be left outside on a hot day or your cakes WILL melt. On hot days, if you’re not home, we recommend having it delivered to your workplace or a family member’s place – just make sure they will be there to bring the box inside and ask them to put it in the fridge for you!

Due to the possibility of your cakes melting we recommend making sure someone will be there to receive the delivery but if no one is home the driver will leave your box on your doorstep. You can leave special instructions for the driver during checkout.

Absolutely! Just make sure reception pop the box in the fridge for you.

That’s fine, when checking out just make sure to write any special instructions for the delivery driver when checking out, i.e. pass codes or ‘please leave with reception’.


Yes. We recommend transferring the cakes into an airtight container if you plan on freezing them for more than two weeks.

Up to 8 days in the fridge or up to 4 months in the freezer.

About 15 minutes. Place them in the fridge or at room temperature & they’ll soon return to their original flavour & texture.


With rice malt syrup (and the occasional sprinkle of coconut sugar). We love it because it’s organic, gluten free, naturally derived & fructose free.

Unfortunately not at this time, you can however order multiple boxes.

Unfortunately no, only our boxes can be ordered at this time.

Not at this time however for a list of our ingredients click on the information icon located by each cake.